We are committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life through educating you and helping you in implementing the principles of wellness. Using chiropractic care, diagnostic testing and cutting edge nutritional practices, we will assure you receive only the finest quality care. Our focus is to put you on the road to wellness.

Dr. Donna Kulp is a Licensed Chiropractor and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist with her Diplomate Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Completed education with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr. Kulp’s love of learning and her own experiences with poor health led her on the path to helping others through their journey to wellness. She is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the principles of chiropractic and nutrition wellness.

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Are you tired of living in constant pain and worried about your overall health and well-being?

Are you struggling with any of these health challenges?

  • Digestive Issues
  • Acid Reflux
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Low Immunity
  • Weight Loss Challenges
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Lupus
  • Menopause / PMS related Issues
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fertility Related Issues

It's time to take charge and embrace the transformative power of functional healthcare. The road to a healthy vibrant you begins here.

Unlock Your Full Potential for Optimal Health and Wellbeing with
the Power of Functional Healthcare.

At our core, we are dedicated to transforming your life, guiding you towards a state of vibrant health and unparalleled vitality. We don't just treat symptoms; we envision you as a complete and unique individual. By delving deep into your health and addressing the very source of ailments, we set you on a path to regain control of your well-being. 


  • This was my first massage ever, Absolutely amazing hot stone massage/infrared sauna treatment. I felt like a new person, thank you, Adam! Their gift shop has so many cute little things, I picked up some beautiful soap, incense cones, and homemade honey (from the family's very own hives!) Don't forget to support your local businesses as much as possible, please. I can't wait to get another Groupon deal and revisit. It was super clean and very inviting.

    - Kristina R Show More
  • I would recommend 21 day purification program. I learned so much about nutrition, and the toxins we are exposed to daily. The meal plan never left me feeling hungry. 2 delicious smoothies a day plus tons of veggies. It totally changed how I feel. Reduced joint pain, clearer mind , more energy and 8 lbs down.

    - Pamela Reinhart Show More
  • Had a really great massage and was well taken care of. This place is amazing. Health food is bigger than it appears.

    - Tanya Bourque
  • I've known Dr Kulp since '93 and a patient since 2015.She is the most caring doctor I ever met. She does anything to help every patient that walks in her door. If you are looking for a very caring and thoughtful chiropractor, I would recommend her.

    - Tammy Huhn
  • Great Service and Friendly Staff, wish they had a little better access.

    - Jerry Stricker
  • Dr. Kulp had me do the Standard Process 21 Day Detox. It was a total game changer. The first week is just veggies and fruit and then you reintroduce meat. It is such a clean detox with daily supplements that help the detoxing process and make things run smoothly. It has many delicious recipes for food and smoothies. I lost 10lbs and overall felt lighter and healthier and the energy level is great! This was a great way to flush out the system. It also helped me learn to eat better in general and I got to try new foods I've never had that I found that I love! Thank you so much Dr. Kulp you truly are a gem!

    - Sharon Reber Show More
  • I highly recommend the Standard Process 21 day Detox Purification program available at Kulp Chiropractic & Nutrition. This program helps remove natural toxins from your body by eating organic foods, taking whole food supplements, and having delicious protein shakes. While doing this program my digestion improved, I have increased energy, and much clearer focus. In addition to losing 11 pounds, which is a plus! Highly recommend

    - Beth Englehart Show More

Are you ready to live a life of optimal health & well-being?

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