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Health Food Store

Health Food Store

Kulp Chiropractic Clinic is now your one-stop-shop for health and wellness! Shop our health food store for healthy and natural food options, including gluten-free and organic products.  The health food store also features a full line of vitamins and supplements to keep you at your optimum health.  Where else can you go food shopping and get product and nutritional advice from a doctor? 



To help my patients, I have decided to offer a professional line of supplements in my practice, and through my website. Professional lines are only available to health care providers to ensure that the patient is using supplements appropriate for them. Professional lines also follow strict manufacturing guidelines (known as GMP, or good manufacturing practice). These lines use the most bioavailable, high quality, raw ingredients, as well as regularly assay their products to confirm that what is on the label is exactly what is in the product.

Since you will be using supplements for both overall health and to benefit certain conditions, it is essential that you are taking the highest quality, most bioavailable products, at the correct doses. I have done an extensive nutrient research review and product search, in order to determine the best product line. I stay updated on the latest research and information to integrate these findings into my protocols and product line.

Over the years, I have seen how confusing it can be for the patient to determine whether or not a product is of high quality. I have done my homework so that you can be confident in the supplements you take, and give to your family. I trust you will be as satisfied as I am, as these products are the products that I use with my own family, friends, and office staff.


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